Merry Christmas Everyone Poem – Merry Christmas Love

Merry Christmas Everyone Poem – Christmas Poetry

Merry Christmas Everyone Poem

I’m not doing individual ones
So here you’s fucking go
There are far too many (bloody tons)
And my typing’s kind of slow

I would like to wish the lot of you’s
A Christmas filled with cheer
Whilst wishing tomorrow, that your whole day
Is spent with the ones you hold dear

I hope that you all get spoilt (like me)
With presents, gifts galore
I’m cheesing with all that is under my tree
I can barely see my floor

It’s very nice to receive gifts, I know!
To open on each Christmas morn
But the best gift is always when family show
Money cannot buy love, it is born

(Big hugs to everyone out there who’ll have a vacant chair around their Festive table this year, too many to mention xxxxxxxxxx

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