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Mind Poem – Time Poem

Mind Poem

Times have changed,
The technology has advanced,
The struggle is tougher,
The competition has pranced.

The workloads have increased,
With immense pressure,
Students, businessmen, employees,
Deeply embedded in the depression seizure.

Tension monitoring,
Every individual,
Working, non-working & students,
On the great stress pole.

Stress posing,
Tough rough challenges,
Morally or physically,
Reducing golden chances.

Depression busy,
Adding to moral deterioration,
Blunting the self esteem,
Lowering a person’s determination.

Stress agitating,
All living sentiments,
Sealing them eminently,
With a anti-leisure cement.

Agents of pressure,
People get much criticized,
Intensive stress influencing,
Leading them to committing suicides.

Tons of options, in the thoughts grind
To avoid a stress burdening mind.
Meditation, music, yoga,
Surfing for remedy of every kind.

What will this devastation lead to?
What will happen to today’s generation?
When will peace prevail?
When will we live in stress free civilization ?

Lessen the excessive burden,
Lessen the increasing responsibilities,
Relieve the people from excessive chores,
Relieve them from stress clutches.

Free them from,
Traps of heavy worries,
To avoid wooing,
At the regretful apologies!!!

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