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Mobile Poem – Poem on Technology And Life

Mobile Poem

The world swiftly developed,
With a advanced civilization,
Influenced by technology,
Most flabbergasted inventions.

A Technological phase,
Where simplicity is sown,
It’s tilled and seeped,
By trendy Smartphone’s.

These portable gadgets,
Have turned folks cold,
Capturing the young might’s,
Addicting the immature & old.

Every person’s head,
Immersed in their phones,
Busy on communication & gaming,
Or scouting in the app zone.

Smartphone’s nowadays,
Considered as a life element,
A stupid deteriorating,
A buggy viral ailment.

Smartphone’s were invented,
To lead a life relaxed,
But it has contrasted,
Resulting in laziness, enhanced.

O techno folks,
Avoid unnecessary Smartphone use,
Enjoy the natural ambience ,
Kill the stupid “Smartphone” fuse.

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