Movie Explorer – Use the Movie Explorer to view

The Movie Explorer

Movie Explorer helps you arrange, locate, and edit media. With its hierarchical tree structure and provides information about the organization and flow of a document.

1. Select Window > Movie Explorer: If necessary, enlarge to view the tree structure within the pane and filtering buttons display or hide information.

2. Click the pop-up menu in the title bar of the Movie Explorer, and select show Movie Elements and Show Symbol Definitions, if they’re not already selected.

3. Configure the filtering buttons, go the top, so the only ones selected are Show Buttons, Movie Clips, and Graphics; Show Action Scripts; and Show Video, Sounds, and Bitmaps. If you move your mouse pointer over a button, a tooltip displays the name of the button. Examine the list to view some of the assets included in the document, and to see their relationship to other assets.

4. In the pane, expand Actions for Play to view actionScript that Flash created when you added the Play video control behavior.

5. To close click its close box.

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