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Gift Poem – Mr Fluffy – Poem on Gift

Gift Poem

Your dad eagerly bought me,
On your 5th birthday ,
Wrapped up in a gift foil,
For your stubborn crave.

As soon as you got me,
You opened the Mickey mouse wrap,
And You were astonished when u saw me,
You wanted me out asap.

You felt my fat, pink soft body,
And You pulled my cheeks very chubby,
You hugged me tightly,
You named me Mr. Fluffy.

You used to play with me,
You used to groom your Mr. Teddy,
I couldn’t react buddy,
You would title me Mr. Grumpy.

You would grasp me tightly,
While you would be sleeping,
You would hug me firmly,
While hearing a story from your daddy.

On your next birthday,
Your dad got an android phone,
You would be more with it,
Leaving me alone.

You are now busy,
With that idiotic technological device,
You are nowhere with me,
Such a sad demise.

A banded in a dirty corner,
You are stared by dusty teddy,
Waiting for my “old pal” ,
The call for your beloved Mr. fluffy.

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