Insane Poem – Mr Insane – Poem on Myself in English

Mr Insane Poem – Poem on Myself in English

Insane Poem

I don’t like to chill out,
I don’t like to wander,
I don’t like spending cash,
I never ever squander.

I hate being in groups,
I like to stray alone,
I hate hanging out with mischief mongers,
I am always on my own.

I hate stupid distractions,
I hate every addiction,
I hate unethical activities,
I hate artificial satisfaction.

I hate useless dates,
I hate indulging in  relationships,
I hate frail love stories,
I hate blunt break off rips.

I hate DJ’s,
I hate going to clubs,
I hate having pizzas,
I hate junk stuffed subs.

I hate switching phones,
I hate funky clothes,
I hate big-shot lifestyle,
I hate leather coats.

I hate being modern,
I like being formal,
Folks taunt me,
Titling me abnormal.

This poetic description,
May seem too very lame,
It neither does matter,
Cause ill be the same,
But this is the real me,
I am Mr. Insane.

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