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Music – Music Poetry

Music Poetry

This world,
Of the 21st century,
Has life full of struggle,
Has life fast & fury.

The life so hard,
The life too hectic,
Is blissfully relieved,
By soothing music.

Music so sweet,
Music so calm,
Relieves from hardship,
Like a fine divine  charm.

Music favored by all,
Music cherished by all ages,
Old, young,
Even cute small kiddies.

Music is seen,
Several different varieties,
Some rock, some jazz, some fusion,
Some delightful olden classics.

Rock, Jazz, Fusion,
May be preferred by the middle aged,
While those classics,
Keep the old hearts refreshed.

Music is a medicine,
Music is a treatment,
The best way to cure,
Any moral ailment.

Excess of music,
Excess of these melodious tunes,
If not controlled,
Will lead your life to ruins.

Music is a drug,
An unavoidable addiction,
So intense, so influential is music,
A person immerses in its mellifluous interaction.

Music a beauty,
Music a trans simulation,
People engrossed,
Forget about the current situation.

Music so pleasant,
Music so melodious,
A common personal emotion,
A blessing so divine, a blessing so luscious!!!

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