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Myself Poem – English Poetry – Myself Poetry

Myself Poem

I am the owner of my heart,
And you’re not even a tenant,
My soul with force you colonized,
You’re not in charge, I am the landlord,
You made my heart a place for you to call home.

Sad for you, from my heart I’m kicking you out,
Happy I am, feels good to free myself from you fears,
I’ve been in chains, I’ve been your slave,
At my own place held a captive,
No more to that,
No more room in my heart for you to inhabit.

Pack yours and go,
Don’t forget a thing also,
Farewell fears,
I wish to not ever meet you again,
The space you occupied in my heart,
It won’t stay empty, will fill it with hope.

I give up hesitating,
I give up doubting,
Without fears and his friends,
I am free to dream of the sky,
I give no one rights to ask how I will fly,
And I have a soul with angel’s wings I will soar high,
I believe in myself, if I fail again I will try.

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