New Year Poem – Happy New Year Poetry – English Poem

New Year Poem – Happy New Year Poetry

New Year Poem

A year ends off,
Comes another one,
Wastes off the first day,
So will the next one.

Years move on,
Life is the same,
Unlucky and uninteresting,
Goes the destiny game.

Exaggerated NY messages,
Flood WhatsApp chats,
Sent from unknown contacts,
That never ever cared.

Determined mind,
For a short time,
Resolutions made,
Stay un followed.

Behavioral changes,
Impossible surmises ,
Too much, people expect,
Which I’ll never care,

Habits and people,
Just never change,
They stick to me,
Like tar on a lane.

Infinite demands,
Barely some fulfilled,
Wonder if this year,
Reloads my wish list.

Big bold quotes,
Just to be read,
No one follows,
The ideas of the dead.

Good memories dwell,
Bad ones dumped,
A good start will this year give,
Or a beginning bumped.

The years will change,
It doesn’t matter to me,
Wearing the same old attitude,
I’ll be the same.

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