No Regrets – Poem on Feelings – Poem on Myself in English

No Regrets

No Regrets

However this plays out; life.
I will follow my decisions and choices until the end.
The convictions that I let lead will not convict me;
they will set me free. No regrets will I have, I will love just as hard as I live.
Being honest with myself and others no matter the outcome.
If I love you I will say it, and if I don’t; that will be expressed as well.
No matter how you take me, I will live for self evaluation and care less about the opinions of men expressed.
Being true to myself allows me to be true to others.

Pursuing what I deem worthy until the end, with No Regrets.
Giving freely of what isn’t mine, but with an iron fist; holding on to what is.
It will never be a time, that one can say;
that I refused to start or that I quit to soon! Either I win or lose, but I will try and give my best; Always.
Put that on my tombstone! All will know that I was!
I was the kind that didn’t quit, I was the one they gave his all.
And I was the one that found a way to live; with No Regrets!

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