Pain Poetry – Suffering And Pain – Down With Oppression

Pain Poetry – Suffering And Pain

Pain Poetry

Distress sobs I hear,
In the dark lane,
I see the common man,
Suffer in pain.

Abused and assaulted,
He cries in a corner,
Denied by the police,
Ignored by law & order.

Having himself hit,
His head brutally hammered,
The common man,
For relief he stammers.

Screaming loud,
To escape the disguised devil’s of law,
He wrights in pain,
By the law protectors intentional flaw.

I can hear,
His innocent plea,
When will this oppression,
The judiciary will see.

No action nor orders,
Pass the higher authorities,
When will he avail justice,
When will he be in peace.

Who will he go to?
And Who will he assist?
Who will he look up?
If such incidents persist?

Why only VIPs,
Enjoy complete safety ?
Is it any crime committed him,
To seek his rightful security?

Why does he have to Wright in pain?
Why does he always have to protest for his security?
Is it not a duty for the judiciary,
To grant him safety?

When will this stop?
And When will the exercise his rights?
When will he be freed,
Form such a cruel plight?

No positive sign yet,
No sight of legalization,
Peace and freedom,
Will just remain his mere imagination!

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