Picnic Poem – Poem on Happiness – Poem on Picnic

Picnic Poem – Poem on Happiness

Picnic Poem

Rushing towards,
The lifeless bus,
Hurryingly entering it,
With excitement & fuss.

Quickly grabbing,
The window seat,
To leave for the frolic,
The most awaited picnic.

As the bus engine,
Finally ignites,
The upcoming journey,
Makes me excite.

All in fun,
Very enthusiastic,
Some enjoying,
While some being romantic.

All throughout the journey,
Munching & singing songs,
Passing out the time,
For the journey so long.

As we approach,
The water park,
Our hearts excites,
Our gratification sparks.

Rushing towards,
The water park entrance,
We dash in with joy,
As laughter and fun we sense.

We change swiftly,
In our swimming suit,
To dive in the pool,
Silence turned mute.

Enjoying the rides,
Enjoying the huge slides,
Wading in the water,
The artificial huge tides.

No worries of homework,
No pressure of studies,
Others engrossed in fun,
Clicking several selfies.

As the sun sets,
It was time for dusk,
We all tired & drained,
Walked into the bus.

All satisfied,
All content,
Filled with all fun,
Refreshing amusement.

The return journey,
Is calm and quit,
Cause all have entered,
In a tired plight.

As we reach,
Our residing destination,
We walk down the bus,
With a tired full content expression.

Entering my house,
Walking towards my sweet bed,
I hop on it,
laying down like the dead.

My memories filled,
With sheer pleasure and zest,
Goodnight says my body!!!,
As it needed excess rest!!

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