Please Stay Poem – Feelings Poem – Life Poem in English

Please Stay Poem – Feelings Poem

Please Stay Poem – Life Poem

As I sit here by your bedside,
I fight with selfish thoughts,
My inner feelings trying to hide,
How my heart is now in knots.

As I sit here its a waiting game,
I want to keep you close by me,
Then my inner feelings self-do blame,
Just how selfish I can be.

As I sit here watching over you,
I still see you as you were,
Alas time takes its toll tis true,
As you head now for those stars.

As I sit here with you lying there,
I know our bond will never break,
Your passing will leave me in despair,
But your calling card has higher stakes.

So! I’ll sit here till such time doth come,
Just as you sat throughout my life,
My wanting to keep you is over and done,
Letting go! frees us both from sad strife.

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