Poem About Change in Self – With No Change – Poem Life

Poem About Change in Self – Poem Life

Poem About Change in Self

Now everything change 
I’m looking
from my grave
To the beautiful answer
That I found at last
At my close end
I know the sky
always not good
unfair with me
The destiny
Always cruel foolish
I know that
My luck always bad
But her luck bad
So bad.

She will not know
The happiness
That deserves
From who loves her
The happiness that
She will know it
In every moment
Of her life
If she is with me
Unfortunately our
Luck both so bad
And now
Without she knows
Without she notices
I love her
I will love her
In every moment
Of my sad life.

Her beautiful shadow
Will be always with
My loneliness
To the end
Until I will
Sleep in the dark cold
And go to
That point of light
To go back again
Then I will remember her
And I will ask
The sky The destiny
Where is she
The beautiful answers
To my question
And she my lovely angel
Always the same answer
As always always
With no change

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