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Resolution – Poem New Year Resolution

Poem New Year Resolution

So I’ve made some resolutions
I do intend to keep
I’ll no longer face pollution
Friending (random FB creeps)
So this very morn I defriended
Around twenty of said kind
And by no means has it ended
A few hundred more I’ll find 😛
So they sent requests (I accepted)
For why? they never show
It’s not as if to them, I’m indebted
Or my likes…they want to know
So are they just friend collectors?
Does it boost their ego so
Well I’m doing my Hannibal Lechter
Silencing lambs… they gotta go!

In With The New,

So my new year resolutions
Which I so intend to keep
Will inspire and help tuition
Help me uphill… when its steep
So, when I tire and feel weighed down
No anchors will appear
Just, lifebelts, clowns, erasing frowns
My resolutions start right here

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