I Am As Poem – I Am As The Old Trees – Poem on Winter Season

I Am As Poem – Poem on Winter Season

I Am As Poem

I’m as the old trees
In cold long winter
Coulors of the life
Left me away so far
With my spring That gone
Now nothing except cold
Everywhere Every time
Short cold light days
As my happy hope dreams
Long cold dark nights
As my long despair
In my long cold loneliness
The cold winds storm me
The freeze only my feelings
As toxic poison inside me.

Makes me feel that
I lost my dreams my hopes
Taking from me
My desire to continue
My cold miserable life
With my only waiting
My close time leave
In my long cold boring
From my illusion feelings
That the birds will sing again
To my spring life colours
And only toxic dreams inside
During my cold boring loneliness
That the hot that I’ll feel
During my burning only
After my life is cut off me.

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