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Poetic Words

Many evil racists,
As the bad racist Facebook,
And its racist owner,
Came during the history,
But the free as me,
Destroyed their evil thrones,
The free as me by their foots,
Broke the evil racists head,
The free as me defecated on,
The evil racists graves,
I have the word power,
I’ll fight those evil racists,
By my free poetic words,

By my poetic works,
Everyone will know,
During the history,
Their evil racism dealing,
Everyone will know
How the Facebook racists,
Destroy my works,
Prevent from share,
My free poems,
With the poetry groups,
To destroy my poet future,
Because I’m Arabic,
Because they think,
That I’m Muslim,
By my free poetic works.

I’ll fight and continue,
To the last moment,
Of my poetic life,
I’ll destroy their devil thrones,
I’ll stop their evil games,
I’ll break their evil racists head,
Under my foot and the free foots,
This will be my mission,
Without stop to the end,
And at the finish,
My feces with the free feces,
Will bury their evil racists thrones,
This from now on will be,
My poetic mission by,
The poetic words power.

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