Post Christmas – Christmas Poem in English – Christmas Poem

Post Christmas – Christmas Poem in English

Post Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas and all round the house
Were signs that the husband had been on the grouse
The fridge cheese was open… had traces of teeth
As I sat there moping at the crumbs underneath

His pressies were scattered all over the floor
He’d opened them yes! afore he’d tore out that door
He was off to our son’s, for to lend him a hand
As we’d been there for dinner, oh! how we had ‘scranned’

There, were Robert and Nikki, her Mum, Rab and me
Louise and wee John (who is her fiancee)
The Grandchildren… Liam, Reece, Lana were there
Rian and Robbie, who were up and downstairs

Our latest edition was of course also there
That’s Lennon (near five months) still handled with care
The food was amazing! as of today we’re now slimming
We’d Lamb, Hog and Chicken with all of the trimmings

We’d starters of pate, prawn cocktail or soup
Crackers were pulled as the liquor was scooped
Champaign was soon flowing, then on to dessert
My tummy was growing, come tomorrow I’d fret

Tis the day after Christmas, I’m now facing prediction
I now have a sore arse from the toilet roll friction
I’ve been here all day and I’ll tell without blushing
My toilet bowl’s choked, yes! no more is it flushing

But! when next year comes ’round, we will do it again
All our family together, the true meaning ‘Amen’
It’s not all about money, neither material things
For us, Christmas together is surely a blessing

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