Poverty Poem – Song Of A Poor Man – Life Poem

Poverty Poem – Life Poem

Poverty Poem

When the sun rises,
With splendor blazing with raises,
To bring a new day with new ambitions,
Yesterday gone with all its pains,
To some it’s a new day full of fortunes.

While to him it’s a new day of misfortunes and miseries,
Sadness and calamities that come ceaseless,
With hopes and dreams of his tomorrow engulfed on darkness,
Yesterday and today to him it’s the same all full of troubles.

When then will my eyes,
Refuse to bring my tears?
Or maybe when my troubles cease?
And leave behind only happiness,
Questions are a thousand but he finds less answers.

Rough and tough,
Living on an edge of a knife,
Instead for them to show suave,
His fake friends and neighbors laugh,
Not a choice to be a Poverty’s slave,
If to make a choice i guess he will be brave,
A fair life is what he will chose to have.

Living seems a debate,
With questions vexing his thoughts,
But many master minds can’t give a fact,
Nonsense are their answers not correct,
Life remains to him a puzzle that he can’t make right.

Always searching looking for peace of living,
Thinking of finding a place were living is pleasing,
Not in this world, surviving is paining nothing is thrilling,
Because he’s always running away from the savages of being human,
Always truly yearning a place free of staving,
Dying and crying.

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