Promise Day Poem – There I Would Be – Poem on Promise

Promise Day Poem – There I Would Be

Promise Day Poem – Poem on Promise

I wish,
I could be,
With no one but me,
Enjoying my company,
Besides the rough sea.

I rest by the shore,
Below the palm shade,
Mesmerized by the blue marvel,
A beauty that ever would fade.

In the golden hot sand,
I embed my feet,
At the intersection,
Where natures elements meet.

In the vast sea,
I wade by its splashes,
Brushing my feet,
In the frequent clashes.

Among the clear skies,
I feast on the silence,
Drowned in thoughts,
Away from city menance.

There I’d be,
Just among the sea,
Away from the daily caper,
Discovering the real me.

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