My Promise Poem – This Is Your – Poem in English Language

My Promise Poem – Poem in English Language

My Promise Poem

In a dark night,
I heard light knocking on my door,
I opened it,
I found beautiful girl,
Ask me to come in,
I said to her,
In smile,
You are so welcome,
She came in,
And the talk stop,
She turned to me,
And hug me,
And kiss me,
The mouth on the mouth.

We can’t talk,
Then I took off,
Her clothes piece by piece,
During this I kiss,
Her warmth skin,
Cell by cell,
She so good warmth taste,
And then we went,
To the dark sleep,
With our hot passions,
To play the bad games,
Only our sense desires,
In the dark feelings we obey,
And at the end,
Of the unbridled actions,
During her leave,
She looked to me,
And said in swift.

You are my Hero,
I didn’t think that,
The devil will make me,
So happy enjoying,
And She kissed me,
As her happy thanks,
I catched her,
And told her,
I don’t care to,
God or to his heaven,
I don’t believe in devil,
Or afraid the hell,
With our hot dark feelings.

You will know,
God and the devil,
You will see,
The heaven and The hell,
By our unbridled actions,
With our warm desires,
Slowly style by style slowly,
During the future time,
This your Hero promise.

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