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Proud Poem – Poem on Memories

Proud Poem

I thought I’d write down something here
About what happened just last week
Exactly what? I may not be quite clear
But the vision of it made me freak

My son (bus driver) coming up now eight years
Was near finishing his shift
When in front of him… accident appears!
An old man had fell head first

Well! Robert being who he is (pulled up!)
Ran to his aid
He’d fell head first: a pool of blood
His breathing? beginning to fade…

Emergency services were immediately rang
As Robert now knew it looked bad
T’was almost midnight, down he’d went with a bang
Probably after a good night (how sad)

As Robert was talking to ‘them’ on the phone
He then heard a choking sound
Bent down to check ‘his patient’ alone!
The reason for that? he soon found

The old guy’s dentures had came unloose
Now! were half-way down his throat
But! Robert (Ma’h laddie) being who he is…
‘Once a carer’ he’d never forget!

Ma’h laddie see! got them out of there
Saving the old man’s life (which I’m certain)
Later on, phoning up about his ‘after care’
Now! he’ll kill me… for all of this writing
Proud ae ye son

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