Puzzle Poem – Puzzle Dilemma Blackhole – Life Poem in English

Puzzle Poem – Life Poem in English

Puzzle Poem

A new puzzle,
can not be solved,
To poetic person,
live all the life,
To find The impossible answers,
To the old difficult questions,
To poet,
Want to show,
His feelings to who he love,
You put me in confused dilemma,
I try to understand it,
Why the destiny,
Collect our souls,
With big far,
Separate our bodies.

I ponder,
To know why,
All this happen between us,
Feelings attract me,
To mystery love,
As black hole attract the light to its darkness,
And now,
All I want,
To escape,
But I can’t,
Every once,
I tried I failed,
I can’t forget,
That I know you,
Maybe you,
The answers,
To the questions,
Or maybe you,
Puzzle with no solve,
Dilemma with no known,
Black hole of the love,
Swallow my feelings.

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