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Real Poem – Life Poetry

Real Poem

The one real,
We live in mystery,
All what we know fake,
Some asked if the love fake?
Tell me what is the love,
Don’t say stupid feelings,
Make us blind can’t see the bad to who we love,
Or sacrifice,
This selfish from who you love,
Don’t tell stories about it,
You don’t know,
If it is real or not,
This not the love,
If you don’t know what is it,
Or who you love,
The love fake,
Some asked,
If they believe in God fake?
Tell who is or what is God.

I can’t answer as you,
All the answers will not be more than fake,
I and you don’t know the real answers,
Don’t tell me the different religions stories,
Or its different ideas,
Because not all the same,
Because of its many difference,
We have fake peace,
Fake live together,
Fake Noracism,
So your believe,
All fake,
Some asked,
Our exist fake?
Tell me who you are,
And where you are,
From where you come,
To where you go,
Again different fake answers,
Which mean,
We are all fake,
So the one real,
All our world not more than big mystery,
Huge exist of fake.

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