Results Poem – Poem on Exam – Poem on Examination

Results Poem – Poem on Exam

Results Poem

A month passes away,
With  fun & enjoyment,
Chilling out in life,
Worries at an adjournment.

College about to open,
Arrives the scary cult,
The unwanted educational tradition,
Stupid irritating  results.

Result day,
The usual tension house,
Tickles my soft corner,
Several emotions arouse.

Results are no worries,
If declared in solo,
But declaration to parents,
Our freedom depreciates too low.

Poor performance,
Scores do matter,
Good, fluke targets,
Parents & teachers flatter.

Bad worst performances,
Force our dreams to tatter,
Poking life time menaces
A crucial gossip to chatter.

Exams, a stinging pain,
Once or twice in a year,
Results are annoying sharp needles,
Forcing  your life to regretful tears.

Go thru this phase,
Enjoy educational leisure,
Building up your carrier,
A main aim of this treasure.

So dudes,
Never ever fear by these fierce mutts,
Replenishing your future,
Exist these………… stupid results!

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