Retirement Poem – Poem on Memories – Poem on Retirement

Retirement Poem – Poem on Memories

Retirement Poem

Completed 60 years,
It was time to retire,
From my 40 years of service,
From 40 years of honesty.
40 years of struggle,
40 years  of hard work.

I walked up my cabin,
To have a last glimpse,
The place I worked in,
The place I worshiped.

The place I was in depression,
The place I shared my tension,
The place imposed by heavy workload,
The place relaxed with laughter.

The eagerly awaited lunch time,
The suspense about  colleagues Tiffin’s,
The daily life discussion,
The attracting aroma of the office tea.

The soft chair cushion,
The old box like computer,
The slow internet router,
The irritating intercom tunes.

The early morning wakeup,
The daily train rush,
The noisy irritating vehicles,
The evening peak traffic.

Those “Why so late?” questions by boss,
Those late overtime working hours,
The hectic stairs,
The 24 hour non-functional lift

The boring building,
The everyday tiff,
The daily stress,
The daily arisen temper.

Are some good some bad moments,
Yet ought to be remembered.
Winding up my belongings,
Bidding adui to my colleagues,
Walking off my office,
Leaving for my home.

I turn back,
To have a last view of my office,
Advancing ahead,
Leaving with this unique achievement,
Looking forward for life after retirement!

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