Emotionless Poem – Poem on Sadness – Sadness Poetry in English

Emotionless Poem – Poem on Sadness

Emotionless Poem – Sadness Poetry in English

Speechlees they are,
Emotionless they seem,
Sense the feared,
Humanity a bad dream.

Stuffed in sheds,
On rough grounds they lie,
Witness they deaths,
In their innocent eyes.

In the lap of horror,
They see themselves slaughtered,
Brutality conquers,
Their species are shattered.

Stabbed mercilessly,
Thrown on the floors,
They writ in pain,
In the red pour.

Crammed in hell,
They live in fear,
They excruciate in pain,
Awaiting death to be near.

Agonious end,
Roasted on pan,
Sprinkled by spices,
Devoured by man.

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