Sadness Poetry – From The Other Side – Sadness of Life

Sadness Poetry – From The Other Side

Sadness Poetry

She stood at the window with tears in her eyes,
She knew this was coming, this was no surprise,
She would never said no when that smack was around,
She would got swallowed up in this new life she would found.

She would once been so pretty, so carefree and strong,
She just couldn’t see where her life had gone wrong,
She glanced in the mirror in total dismay,
She knew cheeks were sunken, her teeth were decayed.

She thought back to when a proud mother she would been,
She would had healthy children ‘fore drugs hit the scene,
She knew that the social were coming that morn,
She knew her three kids were now sad and forlorn.

She put back the mirror and promised herself,
She would kick this damn habit, get out of this hell,
She wanted her kids back much more than a hit,
Just hope she succeeds ‘cos we know drugs are shit!.

Eight months have gone by since her world fell apart,
She vowed to herself that she would make a fresh start,
She picked up that phone with her trembling hand,
She hoped there was someone who might understand,
She dialled a number through eyes filled with tears,
She whispered dear God someone please take my fears.

She now knew the meaning of living in hell,
She knew she would been selfish but under a spell,
She couldn’t face living, her kids were her life,
She felt in her heart someone twisting a knife..

Two years down the line now I’m so proud to say,
She got herself clean and she’s doing okay,
She has all three kids back, her life’s turned around,
She now knows she’ll never go back ‘underground’.

So people be wary if you feel like a hit,
Your life will be ruined… your kids so unfit,
Before you inject and to gutters you crawl,
Remember the children, the best hit of all!

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