Selfie Poem – Poem on Technology And Life – Selfies

Selfie Poem – Poem on Technology And Life

Selfie Poem

Along with tablets,
Along with phones,
There another trend,
In every single zone.

This thing,
Has a extremely vast craze,
The intensity of it,
Will make you amaze.

This thing,
Is a contagious social disease,
They are one & the only,
The ever famous selfies!

This strange epidemic,
Mostly affects the girl sect,
Their cute sweet smiles,
Make their selfie perfect.

Their picks look great,
With their sweet dimple,
Their selfie will be a disgrace,
With one irritating pimple.

Their various expressions,
Their too cute little pouts,
The enormous selfie league,
Hovering all about!

The selfie tradition,
Is carried on with joys,
Its also lays its clutches,
Among all boys.

They take selfies,
With long selfie sticks,
Their pictures look  jazzy,
With amazing phone clicks.

This selfie tradition,
Is so trendy & crazy,
It also influences,
The old and the busy.

It targets people,
From various professions,
Doctors, engineer’s,
Even chartered accountants!

This selfy saga,
Seems truly very measly
With its wide vast scope,
It gets the whole world cheesy!!!

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