Skinny Poem – Skinny Malinkys Mishaps – Sadness Poetry

Skinny Malinkys Mishaps – Skinny Poem

Skinny Poem

Skinny Malinkys Mishaps Longlegs, this day was not too well,
He’d tripped over those feet of his and down he’d fuckin fell,
His head was bruised he’d two black eyes, he was in so much pain,
So! went to bed thought he would die and not be seen again.

But as he slept a fairy called (she’d heard of Skinny’s plight),
She whispered in his sleeping ear I’ll fix you up tonight,
She’d brought with her a first aid kit she’d also brought some steak,
She then realized that he had shit, now this she could not take.

And She took out her wooden spoon along with her pink wand,
She clobbered him, he’d die real soon with no chance to respond,
How very dare he shite on me… when I’d come to his aid,
She left him all alone to die and went off to fetch her spade.

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