Gorgeous Girl Poem – Beauty Poetry – Beauty of a Girl Poem

Gorgeous Girl Poem – Beauty Poetry

Gorgeous Girl Poem – Gorgeous Beauty

Your beauty, so dazzling,
Got my eyes gazing,
At your marvelous beauty,
As if it were my duty.

Oh gorgeous lady,
Your beauty so shady,
Get into my bad rough dreams,
Make my sleep soft & sweet as a cream.

Your hair so black so dense as a forest,
Making your nature calm and modest,
Your eyes so crystal clear,
Make a diamond mere.

Your cheek so soft  as a pillow,
So sweet and fluffy as a marshmallow,
Your lips so red, your dimples so cute,
Your marvelous smile turned me mute.

Your skin so fair and awesome,
Makes the peacock look dumb,
Your heart so kind and speckles,
Made my conscience restless.

Your attitude so calm and simple,
Have made my love tentacles tickle,
Hey gorgeous girl please do me a favor,
Keep up your evergreen gorgeous Endeavour.
Don’t ever let it fade,
As it’s a unique beauty ever made.

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