Sleeping Beauty Poem – Beauty Poetry – Poem on Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Poem – Beauty Poetry

Sleeping Beauty Poem

She was a rare beauty,
While on sleeping duty.

Dreaming every day,
Was her one and every say,

Sleeping was her hobby,
That one thing no one would copy.

Covered up in her soft blanket,
Sleeping calmly ignoring all rackets,

Resting calmly on her soft cushion,
With no worries no tension.

Life was like a fairyland for her,
A dreamland tough to decipher,

Her innocent sleeping face,
Would take you to a dreamy phase.

Her black shining hair,
An moment that rare,

Her dreamy soft eyes,
Oh!! So sweet as a pie.

Her pink glossy lips,
Seem like strawberry chips,

Her innocence gloomed,
As a white lotus ever bloomed.

That innocent sleeping beauty,
Sleeping was her duty,

I can never every forget,
That beauty in the blanket.

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