Sleepy Poem – Sleeping Beauty – Poem on Sleep

Sleepy Poem – Sleeping Beauty

Sleepy Poem

We all are bonded,
With a necessity, deep,
Constantly refreshing ,
Our dizzy sweet sleep.

Sleep everyone’s favorite,
And Sleep loved by all,
Sleep at its action ,
At your tired weary call.

But some people,
Are hypnotized by this addiction,
Sleeping most of the time,
Is their routine reaction.

Sleep is an activity,
Where you doze off in peace,
If in completed or disturbed,
Your day just freaks.

The worst ever situation,
You don’t wanna meet,
Destructive insomnia,
In your sleep reaps.

Enjoy the sleep phenomenon,
Feel its comforting presence,
A necessarily vast menace,
An astounding dense sense.

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