So Long Old Friend Poem – Farewell Poetry – Friendship Poetry

So Long Old Friend Poem – Farewell Poetry

So Long Old Friend Poem

I might try with words to fill a million pages,
But for proper endearments I guess I’m too small,
Unraveling my love is like counting a billion stars,
What then can be tantamount to what I feel in my soul,
Because words leave me yearning for saying a better,
meaning of what I’m feeling.

I tried to jot a few on this page,
But my love is still left not described at large,
What measure can then determine the capacity of such an affection,
It is to the extremities of ceaseless and countless amounts,
Forever it will exist in the depths of my soul’s chambers.
The meaning of my living,
Its reason is your presence,
Like my star on bleak days,
You shine and enlighten my happiness,
Now the feeling I’m having because of your leaving,
Makes it seem like tomorrow is full of darkness.

In the frame of my mind memories will forever remain,
Your good deeds will dwell in the arena of my spirit,
From now and up until my last breath,
To the ambience of my existence,
Your presence will be felt though we are parting roads,
Farewell I can’t feign to feel nothing of your leaving,
I guess I must confess I will miss your attendance,
If only I could turn the arms of time to the days of yore,
If I was a god of age junctures with you will remain forever more.

Million years with your presence might feel a second,
If eternity existed in this world,
By my side always you will be needed,
But time offers too little, still the moments we shared will be cherished.
I will always grasp those fantasies of hoping that someday will again cross paths.

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