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Sometimes Poem I like – Time Poem

Sometimes Poem I like my own company,
As sometimes I need time to think,
Sometimes alone I can hear what mind says,
As there’s sometimes words go in a blink.

Sometimes myself and I argue,
As sometimes we both get it wrong,
Sometimes myself says no! you can’t do,
As I sometimes feel I don’t belong.

Sometimes while alone I play mind games,
As in Solitaire (I never win),
Sometimes while I’m playing I sense shame,
As I sometimes ask ‘did I just sin’.

Sometimes While sat there I feel lonely,
As myself is a mirror of me,
Sometimes my mind thinks ‘Oh! if only’,
That sometimes mind would invite three.

Sometimes though ‘three’ is overcrowding,
As once said ‘two’ is company,
Sometimes a third can see head pounding,
That ‘sometimes’ sure arrived today.

So sometimes (you see!) I need some time alone,
As I sometimes need some time to think,
Sometimes myself and I at each other groan,
Then that ‘sometimes’ are gone in a blink.

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