Stranger Poetry – Yet Strangers – Poem About a Stranger

Stranger Poetry – Yet Strangers

Stranger Poetry

For the past one year,
I knew a girl with no fear.

She was calm and beautiful,
Oh! Her face so cheerful.

So bold and shrewd was her nature,
Her attitude was so mature.

That beauty had me engrossed,
My life came to a pause.

No conversation between us,
But facial interaction were often thus.

Soon we shared our numbers,
Our conversation started within hours.

We used to chat on WhatsApp,
Our messages interchanged soon asap.

We spent more hours chatting together,
Without any worries or no one to bother.

As we used to meet in college campus,
No conversation would start among us.

We were quite like the cool breeze,
Our mouths calm like the silent sea’s.

No personal or facial conversation,
All we used was social communication.

Chatting with glee on social networks,
No physical talks or sharing works.

Bold attitude on social communication,
But shy nature on personal interaction.

We used to ignore one another,
That’s why we were yet strangers.

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