Struggle Poems – Struggle – Poem About Life Lessons

Struggle Poems – Poem About Life Lessons

Struggle Poems

In a cold morning on the road
I saw in front of me a beautiful girl young,
I felt that the sun rise went out
of her hidding place among the clouds,
and the warmth returned to my cold body,
I talked to myself in low voice,
I am so lucky today now I can say thanks to God
because I see the beauty as angel
in the image of beautiful girl
bring back to me the hot feelings
that I forgot it from a long time.

I continue my way confused،
asking myself if what happened real or imagination،
how can this happen,
why I feel love to a sun walking on the ground,
spread the warmth in my cold feelings.

and a struggle began between my mind and what I feel
mr old stop thinking in that beautiful young
you came before her in many years,
I am big but I am still alive,
the warm soul still live inside my old body,
and the heart still pumping the hot life in his arteries,
blood on every its cell her picture,
and with every heartbeat I love her,
and with every soul breath I miss her,
I want to see her again and again,
forget her you ask me to die,
sorry I cant do this I will stay away from her with my love to her
to the end of my life way.

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