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Suffering Poem – It Came Upon Me

Suffering Poem

It came upon me,
I just didn’t know,
No hint I got,
Didn’t see it sow

It got on my head,
Slowly possessing me,
A revengeful attitude,
Only hate I could see.

Embedded in my brain,
Tampering my sense,
Projecting negativity around,
Works its odium lens.

Mind on fire,
Destruction over the house,
My soul heated up,
Aggression feeling aroused.

Disturbed young mind,
Violence flowing thoughts,
Hyper rude behavior,
My wrath had brought.

Minutes trickled by,
The feeling diminished,
Slowly & slowly,
Faded the rage blemish.

Finally it ended,
It didn’t go any longer,
Off my encephalon,
Ejected the anger.

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