Terrorism Poem – Terrorism in World – Poem on Terrorism

Terrorism Poem – Terrorism in World

Terrorism Poem

Among several people,
In our beautiful world,
There infest,
Some idiotic turns.

Creating fear,
infrastructural deviations,
Adversely affecting,
The human civilization.

The havoc is created,
By  evil extremists,
These nasty devils,
The brutal terrorists.

Religious leaders,
Brain wash innocent young minds,
Taking advantage of bad situations,
Showing their ruthless kinds.

Reading religious books,
Unbreakable oaths they take,
Killing innocent people,
Deteriorating their faith.

Killing kids & women,
Causing a severe devastation,
Is this what they call,
Their respected religion?

Sons of destruction,
These havoc mongers,
Destructing their lives,
As suicide bombers.

Some undeveloped,
Some revengeful nations,
Voluntarily support,
Cruel terrorism.

They help them,
In all ways,
To achieve their moto,
As their leader says.

Terrorism must be stopped,
Terrorism must be vanished
This will not happen,
Until it is completely banished.

So political retards
Avoid the use of terrorism,
To get rule over people,
To enter the evil race of pessimism.

Protest terrorism,
Ban evil pessimists
To relieve people,
Off the terrorism clutches!!!

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