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Time Life Poem – Sometimes

Time Life Poem

Sometimes as I sit by the window,
Sometimes I hope you will walk by,
Sometimes I see you but then know,
That sometimes my vision does lie.

Sometimes too I think I see footprints,
Sometimes think they’r walking my way,
Sometimes though I know its been long since,
Those sometimes you called, made my day.

Sometimes I still hear your key turning,
Sometimes I rush through open arms,
Sometimes this heart feels like its burning,
When at all times I miss your sweet charms.

Sometimes each night I can hear breathing,
Sometimes I still feel you are near,
Sometimes I forget I’m still grieving,
Which of all times are the times that I fear.

Sometimes I can honestly say though,
That most times these sometimes do call,
That at all times I’m thankful I do know,
Your memory lies deeply installed.

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