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Time Poetry – Time Poem

Time Poetry

It’s running away,
I can barely catch it,
I try to cope up,
To be with it.

They say its precious,
None can buy it,
Whatever it is,
I still waste it.

Intrinsic worth it has,
None values it,
The day it slips away,
They beg for it.

It’s an illusionist,
It seems as its more,
It’s contrast reality,
Is a truth , sore.

Everywhere it is,
On the walls or wrists,
Scaring me all while,
Prancing on the streets.

I try to forget it,
It’s memory doesn’t erase,
Reminds me its existence,
A slave in its maze.

I keep it with me,
To match its pace,
Constant checks on it,
Lags my race.

And on and on,
I will run through,
Until I reach a sign to stop,
And ponder I will,
When signs tell me “GO”,
Until I realize,
That I really must go,
But notice I no longer can run,
But simple hobble,
Until I stumble into a running start,
The road before me once more.

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