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Toyed Heart Poem in English Language

Heart Poem

I’m tied to you,
Yet you’re tied to us all,
Is it your kindness, it kills me?
You share yourself.

Anyway, thanks for a piece of your loving,
I understand I’m not the only one obsessed,
Though I needed you all for me.

How many are we,
Am I the tenth,
Who is the first,
I’m jealous I’ve been fighting,
for being the one.

John likes your voice, your eyes,
Peter likes your smile your cuteness,
Isn’t they playing you, maybe they are,
serious who knows,
But I love all of you, the rights and the wrongs.

You’re my drug I need you daily I’m addicted,
I’ve been your toy I confess,
But I no longer want to dance to your tunes,
I love the songs and the way you make me heart dance.

Just that the floor is not only to us,
Not for me and you, but for you, me and them.

Your other lovers,
Their lives are dressed in gold so they sound more like facts,
But my words are true from my soul’s cores,
Just because they come naked so you rate them as valueless,
I guess it’s because I’m penniless.

I’m racing with the rich,
To your heart of hearts,
I will never arrive first,
It’s just my dream,
On a track with wealthy stallions,
But I’m just a poor chameleon.

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