Traffic Jam Poem – Poem on Traffic – Poem About Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam Poem – Poem on Traffic

Traffic Jam Poem

Along the streets,
He stands amongst the crowd,
Indicating the motor worms,
His expressions shout loud.

Directing the traffic,
On the podium he lies,
A sight of a rickshaw,
Catches his busy eyes.

Under that yellow rickshaw,
Young teen he sees,
It takes him back,
To that spot he used to be.

Picking up rides,
Earning his bread,
Now became a person,
About whom he once read.

Following the rules,
Obeying the signals,
Now he’s turned the one,
Whistling long jingles.

Stopped often,
Being fined for innocence,
Now laughs at those scenes,
As he creates such menace.

Botched in jams,
He would burn his fuel,
For now he’s the one,
Playing the rules.

Off from a trans,
He’s back to work,
A traffic clearer now,
His duties he won’t shirk.

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