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Traffic Poem – English Poetry

Traffic Poem

Left for the airport,
With the “hurry” rhyme ,
Quickly caught a taxi,
Competing the running time.

The cab ignited,
Racing through the driveway,
It suddenly stunted,
By an instant block on the roadway.

The ugly rigid traffic,
Clogged up the pathway,
Boring and slowly,
It pushed throughout the way.

The taxi stuck up,
In this filthy little scam,
The unruly & choked up,
The lewd traffic jam.

Cars honking away,
In the slow moving race,
Passing through the busy street,
In an lagged up long pace.

The jam shunted away,
Taxi swiftly speeding the route,
Late but Minutes before time,
Finally reached the airport.

Boarded the flight,
With an expression too frantic,
Reclining in with a “huff” in my seat,
All thanks to that terrible traffic!!!

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