Trust Love Poem – I Say What I Will Say – Love Poem

Trust Love Poem – Love Poem

Trust Love Poem

I don’t know if I say what I’ll say
Our actions translate our thoughts
That are controlled by our conscience
Who is unclear lost his purity
By the society habits since we born
So what is good here will be bad there
What is bad here will be good there
Maybe who knows the real truth
Maybe our judgment will be fake
To satisfy our personal interests
The devil the most fake kind
Always give us the fake sweet.

Hide its only evil truth by
Give us the sweet forbidden
To satisfy our dark instincts
And after we are poisoned
By the evil devil forbidden
We hurry to pray with fake obey
We know that we are weak
We have inside double opposite
We see the light we see the dark
We feel the goodness we feel the evil
We know the angles we know the devils
As we do the good we do the bads
As we obey the great God
We desobey following the devil
Nothing in us clear or pure or clean.

Why we don’t look to our fake angelic
To know our weak confused truth
Why we forget to be humble shadows
Deal by the forgiveness without
Forget that the first angel is
Changed to the desobey devil
Because of its ego thoughts
From its arrogant founded the evil
But can we remember the real truth
Of course not unfortunately no
From long time before we exist
A couple was founded uortunately.

Ate the forbidden apple
By the evil devil cheating
And we come from that far time
Carrying the desobey poison in us
Continue carrying it in many lifes
Sharing it the angles and the devils
The light and the dark in us
The obey and the desobey together
And the devilish poison continue
With every new born come in pain
With the forgetting the truth forever.

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