Unhappy Poem – Not Our Guilt – Imagination Poetry

Unhappy Poem – Imagination Poetry

Unhappy Poem

From many times,
Before anything exist,
I was in the heaven,
Have all the things,
That maybe I want,
But I am alone,
Picture between,
Many Many pictures,
Empty from inside,
No feelings,
I’m dead alive,
And then a beautiful,
Naked pictures,
To the beauty,
As female found,
I look to her,
And I began,
Feel strange feelings,
I never feel it before,
And a struggle began,
To my obeying,
To not eat that,
Forbidden girl apple,
With my feelings,
To be traitor,
By doing the betrayal,
In obeying it,
And the curse,
On me fall,
After I obeyed,
My weakness,
My the beginning,
Of my human feelings,
Now I have it inside,
Twice opposite.

The suffering journey,
began to the forever,
Many Many came,
After me and her,
To be punished,
For our guilt,
That they never,
ever do it,
But they will do,
The similar guilt,
In their lives,
Many many times,
To can continue,
The existing,
With no mercy,
To rest from,
The punishment,
For the our nature,
The non perfect,
That we born with it,
The dark and,
The light together,
The angels and,
The demons inside,
We have now,
The no choice,
To be not punished,
For a guilt,
Not our guilt.

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