Valentine Day Poem – My Break – My Valentine Poem

Valentine Day Poem – My Break

Valentine Day Poem

Oh just how exciting life can be,
When it nears St Valentines,
Hubby asks ”will you come out with me?
I’ve a table booked for nine.

Why of course ‘I says’ thinking (what shall I wear?),
Knowing fine well I’d buy something new,
Well it’s not very often he has free time to spare,
As he’s glued to all sports on Freeview.

So I emptied my savings (thought) I’ll dress up real nice,
Bought a new blouse, new skirt, heels to kill,
Booked thyself in for hair-do (won’t go into the price),
Would be worth it for this (Romantic thrill).

At last, it was time I was all glamour dolled,
Heard him shout, why you taking so long?
Pfft…’coz he’d made no effort (still t-shirt, Jeans trolled),
Guess you can’t teach old hymn sheets new songs.

But still I was floating, coz he’d asked me out,
Both feet barely felt gravity,
Our table was booked (I was starved) lipstick pout,
There’d be nothing to spoil this our day.

Our Taxi was booked, heard the beep of its horn,
As I pulled on my new fake-fur jacket,
Tomorrow I’d count cost (probs) along with new corns,
But tonight (no regrets) of wage packet.

At last, we’d arrived 🙂 (thought he’d open my door?),
Lead me into some nice place (no cooker!),
Ha! I should’ve known better, been with him three scores,
The table was booked, yes! for Snooker…

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