Violence Poetry – Most Brutal Weapon – Weapon Poem

Violence Poetry – Most Brutal Weapon

Violence Poetry

The superior human reign,
Created weapons of several types,
Guns, swords, mallets,
Daggers and sharp knives.

These deadly weapons,
Created to protect  mankind,
No humanity,
But bloodstains I can find.

Short knives or sharp swords,
Harmless until in scabbard ;
Once handed and put to action,
Display’s bloodshed ruthless execution.

A two barreled riffle or a metal revolver,
Are calm until they are idle,
As the trigger gets pulled,
Many innocent life get doomed.

Bombs like the hand grenade,
Will only affect the crowd,
Once its pin removed,
Killing people, making a sound loud.

But of all these execution devices,
Exists a most dangerous weapon among our premises;
You all know this devastation weapon,
Its generally called the human.

This destructive tool,
Is an extreme emotional & social  fool,
He can transform in a brutal figure,
Without any need to trigger.

He can get into action any time,
Committing a serious crime;
He neither needs bullets nor gunpowder ,
Anger and revenge help him show power.

Jealousy, greed, selfishness,
Are ever loaded in his mind,
His short temper,
Turns too adverse for mankind.

The most dangerous weapon,
Is the selfish human,
Cause he may react adversely,
In any unfriendly situation.

This hazardous element,
On this globe remains
Unless negativity from him,
Completely detains!!!

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