Voice Poem – Voice of The Dumb – Poem on Hope in English

Voice Poem – Voice of The Dumb

Voice Poem

Down in the corner,
She lies in the dark,
Crying in agony,
She writhes in pain.

Scars on her body,
Burnt are her hands,
Face in horror,
Her Orbs stunned.

Tears of sufferings,
Drip her moist eyes,
They scurry down her cheeks,
On her numb lips.

Cries her soul,
Yet a word uttered,
Torment unexpressed,
Wilts this flower.

Maws of perverts,
Eye her body,
Horrendous scenes,
Leave her voiceless.

Pain over her body,
Express the torture,
Words threatened,
She stays mum,.

Left in discomfort,
She’s assaulted repeatedly,
Her heart cries out loud,
Her words stay mute.

Deprived of justice,
She’s taunted often,
Dumb turns her,
The horrifying night.

Words left unsaid,
She slits her life,
Her chilled body,
Now speaks her ugly strife.

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