Adore Poem – Who I love Who I Adore – Poem in English

Adore Poem – Love About Love in English

Adore Poem

My real innocent feelings 
To you my lovely angel
Hot feelings as fires inside
Burning my heart so slowly
My soul feel my heart pains
But no complaints just groans
In silence with my happy crying
That I know you my angel
Who I love Who I adore
I can’t stop thinking in you
I can’t stop saying your name.

I can’t prevent myself from
Feeling sadness because
I can’t be with you my dear
My soul call your soul
my twin My mate My half
My heart by the love
Call your lovely heart
If you know my emotions
My hot feelings inside
Maybe your heart with me.

Feel the hot love feelings
That I’m feeling to you
Maybe I have mercy
From your heart he knows
In what I’m in love you
Then maybe your heart
Love me as I love you
And be sure my angel love.

I can’t tell you how much
My love feelings inside
To you my lovely darling
Because no words enouph
To express my heart love
To you my love angel
To express my soul adore
To you my soul mate.

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